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What’s your memory for summer? Lazy afternoons,  golden sand beaches,  lounge chairs,  white sails over blue water…  Do you ever wonder where the used sails go?

As architectural designers who is always looking for new way to use material, we would love to introduce this contract furniture brand – DVELAS.

DVELAS started as a creative reaction to reuse the huge quantity of material thrown away by the sailing industry. Material, which is not apt for sailing but which possesses excellent qualities in terms of durability and resistance. The models in the contemporary furniture collection reclaim the sculptural form of the sail and they use as inspiration, the rigging techniques, technology and the making of the professional sailing makers. DVELAS avoids using the material as a lining or upholstery, on the contrary, the idea is that the material stays in tension, working the same way as when it was used for sailing, giving back this way its dignity even though the sail has been taken into parts.”

If you love the idea that your furniture is “one of a kind” or “have a story behind it”,  you will love this “upcycling concept” furniture brand. “Each sail is used to produce a limited series of products, and all of them are tagged with an inscription that provides information regarding the sail ́s origins: the port it comes from, the ship, the type o sail, the original manufacturer and its numbering edition.”


What We’re Loving!

Loving the MOSS out of it!

Are you overwhelmed by the lack of fun and colorful acoustic panels? Well don’t fret! The best new thing is moss sound absorbers. Nordgrona is a Swedish company that have been around for just a few short years. During that time they’ve already built a large customer base, including BMW, Apple, Porsche, BCG, Microsoft, IKEA, etc. They handpick their moss from forests and mountainous areas in northern Scandinavia.

Their products include three different types; convex, pixel, and ceiling tiles. Best part about this product is, YOU get to decide how you want it placed and/or hung. On their website, you can create your own design. Get as creative as you want, rotate the shapes, choose your color scheme, and upload your own background. And for any designers out there, Nordgrona also provides 3D modeling and materials such as CAD and Sketchup, as well as other programs.

If you’re still not sold on this awesome product, maybe some fun facts about how this product is eco-friendly should do the trick! This product is made of renewable materials where possible, fully recyclable, and good for the environment. Did I forget to mention it’s a hypoallergenic material, and no maintenance is needed? The moss is persevered and treated with colors, so it is no longer alive and does not require any sort of maintenance or water or sunlight.

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What We’re Loving!


When you are looking for handmade light fixtures for your home or business, Niche is a great place to start. This small company in New York is taking blowing glass to a whole new level with their handmade modern light fixtures. Located in the east village, Niche offers over 20 different shapes of blown glass as well as 12 different colors. Their unique style can add the perfect touch to any home or business! Niche takes a simple sketch and turns it into a piece of art.