After a challenging year for all, we’re happy to report some recent GOOD NEWS for many of our clients.  We are honored to be working with great partners in rolling out these exciting new concepts!


Once the pandemic hit, BUMO had to delay construction on their integrated co-working and childcare concept and was forced to switch gears to teaching and learning remotely. Read all about BUMO’s successful transition in FORBES. Now fully open, the finished concept and unique design process has been chronicled in FAST COMPANY.


Mate Fertility has taken the first step to providing affordable and accessible fertility for all by opening its first location in Oklahoma City.  HHA worked to create various components to support their services and create a true identity for MATE that can be implemented throughout the country to meet various design challenges. Read all about the MATE story in TECHCRUNCH.


The Lawn Club is giving New Yorkers the opportunity to rent their own “mini backyards” in the Seaport District’s historic Fulton Market Building.  Featuring a variety of lawn games, seating and multiple bars, you can learn more about the Lawn Club from TIMEOUT, SECRET NYC, and DOWN TOWN ALLIANCE. Opening Fall 2021.


Having just launched in April 2021, ‘The Feel Good Company’ is not only about supporting female-led businesses but also making folks feel good on a variety of levels. HHA is excited to be partnering with the newly launched Feel-Good Company and their mission to transform the mind, body and soul.  Squeeze CEO Brittany Driscoll and Drybar Founder Alli Webb discuss aiding female entrepreneurs and their new business outlook during and post-pandemic in YAHOO!FINANCE.  Look for more updates on Squeeze, Okay Humans and Brightside coming soon!


Meet okay humans – a recently launched new concept to modernize therapy.  As a new branch of the Feel Good Company, Okay Humans is making going to therapy as accessible and acceptable as getting a message at Squeeze or a blowout at Drybar. Construction is underway on the first location in Brentwood – look out for opening this summer!  Read all about the launch of Okay Humans in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and their ultimate goals of increasing access and erasing the stigma.


We are honored to have received a Rethinking the Future Award 2021 in the Interior Healthcare / Wellness category for Clean Market at Brookfield Place. Read all about the design and transformation HERE.


After enduring the many challenges of the past few months, small businesses are coming up with creative ways to reopen safely. Please support small and local businesses like some of our clients listed below – whether in person, virtually or online!


305 Fitness is now offering online classes, which you can watch anytime and anywhere! They are also holding safe, in-person outdoor classes in cities where they are located, whether in the park or at the pier!  Sign up or check out their various class options HERE.


While we are now underway with construction of their first flagship location in L.A’s Century City Mall, BÜMO has also quickly adapted their in-person model of co-working and childcare with an emphasis on community. In April 2020, they opened “best-in-class virtual school for young learners”. You can get started HERE with live online classes for your young ones today!


Clean Market at Brookfield Place has just opened its doors! This new location’s Wellness Shop is open. Stop by and shop its various products such as matcha, CBD, supplements, probiotics, pantry supplies and more! Also you can grab an IV Drip while you’re there. Clean Market at Brookfield Place is open Monday through Friday from 11AM to 6PM. Stay Tuned for the reopening of Clean Market at 54th St in Midtown East. Book your appointment or shop online HERE.


Wondering if the Drybar near you has reopened? CLICK HERE for the ongoing list of current re-openings. Before you head to your next appointment read through the many safety measures they have implemented.  Is your Drybar not open yet? Shop all their products on their website and maybe grab a gift card for a friend.  Remember, many Drybar locations are small businesses owned by local franchisees!


Henry the Dentist has reopened in New Providence, NJ, opened their new boutique New York City practice located inside The Parlor, and has expanded their mobile practice to serve residential high-rise condos. Implementing strict protocols to practice “Safe Smiling”, Henry has required masks, installed new air filtration systems, clean and sanitize daily and are completing temperature checks! Book your next appointment today HERE. Not comfortable going in for an appointment and just need to talk to the dentist? Henry offers TeleDentistry!


Hive & Colony recently opened two new locations at Garden State Plaza in Paramus NJ and at King of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia. Currently providing services in store and online, Hive & Colony’s goal is to “create a premium experience for every customer” while offering customized suits and accessories. Want to create a new customized piece for you or a loved one?  Visit Hive & Colony and book an appointment or join the online workshop from your home HERE.


Forced to close just after opening their doors in March, ORA is back open for the acupuncture and healing! If you prefer to heal from the comfort of your own home, ORA also offers virtual sessions. Now healing in NOHO, the Hamptons and online, you can book your appointment HERE.


With all locations reopened and new safety measures in place in Washington DC and New York City, book your appointment ahead of time because demand is high and turnover between bed use is longer. Book your next appointment HERE, and make sure you check out all their new safety measures either on their website or their Instagram – including waiting outside before the esthetician sees you, temperature checks on the way in and rather than blankets, fresh towels for each customer.


Promoting their Feel Good Revolution Campaign through their social media accounts, Squeeze is doing its part to keep their staff and customers safe. While still closed for the time being, due to State regulations, Squeeze has done a great job promoting self-care throughout the last several months. Follow their Instagram account HERE to see stories on self-care and wellness routines you can do at home! Stay tuned for updates on their reopening HERE and book your next appointment.

HHA Reopens with Changes to Office.

Over the past few months, our Office Life Committee has been researching strategies to reopen our offices and implement ways for our staff to return safely.  Now that more offices and businesses have started to reopen, we wanted to share some of the various changes, policies and procedures we have installed in our own office to see if they might also be helpful with yours!

Through research, seminars and trainings, our team has come up with a plan which promotes safety and security for all employees throughout our office. The challenges in achieving social distancing vary by office.  We have already started working with several other offices to reevaluate the location of desks and divisions between them but there are many potential strategies that can be tailored to each space.

Our implementations start right when you exit the elevator (HHA is an open concept office space so the divisions between employees and others is critical). Once you get off the elevators and enter into the office, there is a defined drop-off and pick-up location for mail and deliveries to minimize interactions and the amount of traffic through the office. This creates a clear barrier between the employees and essential workers which can be seen below.

Before returning to the workplace, each employee has agreed to the HHA Social Contract. The social contract gives accountability to each employee to make sure everyone feels safe for their own return. The contract also included following the physical changes that were set in place which included temporary desk locations, enforced one-way circulation in hallways and corridors and sanitizing stations.

Once back at their own desk, each employee was given a “Welcome Back” package, which can be seen below, to the left. These packages contained hand sanitizer for their personal workspace, a face mask to be worn when not at their immediate workstation, personal eating utensils, vitamin shots and some snacks. Not only is it important to keep your “home base” clean but there were also Sanitizing Stations placed around the office at high traffic areas and touchpoints. Besides the restrooms, our Materials Library is another high touchpoint location. As you can see from the photo on the right, we have placed a variety of cleaning products for surfaces and gloves to be used when working the material samples.

Lastly, our HHA Office Life Team designed various signs which are placed around the office and can be seen below. Friendly reminders of what we should be doing to keep everyone safe!

Would your office benefit from similar measures?

If your interested in learning more, check out our previous blog post PLANNING FOR REOPENING to see if we can help!