Heitler Houstoun Architects is proud to announce the promotion of Allison Adderley, AIA to Senior Associate.

Allison joined HHA in 2013, bringing with her years of experience in the fields of teaching, construction and design. Project highlights include developing and expanding retail concepts, high-end residences, healthcare, creative commercial office and showroom designs, as well as leading HHA’s efforts to reimagine a 100 acre, non-for-profit ski resort with about 65,000sf of new recreational and operations buildings. Allison is a trusted source of knowledge within the office who has brought her lifetime love of learning to her role in developing and leading HHA’s internal training programs. A tireless advocate for our clients and exemplary representative of HHA, please join us in congratulating Allison and looking forward to her bright future.


After a challenging year for all, we’re happy to report some recent GOOD NEWS for many of our clients.  We are honored to be working with great partners in rolling out these exciting new concepts!


Once the pandemic hit, BUMO had to delay construction on their integrated co-working and childcare concept and was forced to switch gears to teaching and learning remotely. Read all about BUMO’s successful transition in FORBES. Now fully open, the finished concept and unique design process has been chronicled in FAST COMPANY.


Mate Fertility has taken the first step to providing affordable and accessible fertility for all by opening its first location in Oklahoma City.  HHA worked to create various components to support their services and create a true identity for MATE that can be implemented throughout the country to meet various design challenges. Read all about the MATE story in TECHCRUNCH.


The Lawn Club is giving New Yorkers the opportunity to rent their own “mini backyards” in the Seaport District’s historic Fulton Market Building.  Featuring a variety of lawn games, seating and multiple bars, you can learn more about the Lawn Club from TIMEOUT, SECRET NYC, and DOWN TOWN ALLIANCE. Opening Fall 2021.


Having just launched in April 2021, ‘The Feel Good Company’ is not only about supporting female-led businesses but also making folks feel good on a variety of levels. HHA is excited to be partnering with the newly launched Feel-Good Company and their mission to transform the mind, body and soul.  Squeeze CEO Brittany Driscoll and Drybar Founder Alli Webb discuss aiding female entrepreneurs and their new business outlook during and post-pandemic in YAHOO!FINANCE.  Look for more updates on Squeeze, Okay Humans and Brightside coming soon!


Meet okay humans – a recently launched new concept to modernize therapy.  As a new branch of the Feel Good Company, Okay Humans is making going to therapy as accessible and acceptable as getting a message at Squeeze or a blowout at Drybar. Construction is underway on the first location in Brentwood – look out for opening this summer!  Read all about the launch of Okay Humans in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and their ultimate goals of increasing access and erasing the stigma.


We are honored to have received a Rethinking the Future Award 2021 in the Interior Healthcare / Wellness category for Clean Market at Brookfield Place. Read all about the design and transformation HERE.

Project Spotlight: Clean Market Brookfield Place

The project consists of a new implementation of the Clean Market at Brookfield Place, in lower Manhattan. The concept prototype was revisited and updated to respond to the unique site conditions. The crux of the design challenge was to create an elevated yet approachable wellness destination within a bustling luxury mall and conduit to the world financial center. The fast-paced commercial corridor could be seen as being at odds with a space for relaxation, replenishment and self-care. On the other hand, the site also was uniquely suited to our biophilic approach to design for Clean Market. Located in a corner suite on the second floor, Clean Market is perched over the Winter Garden atrium at Brookfield Place.

The Winter Garden is a destination in and of itself with us Grove of nature palm trees and a view overlooking the Hudson River. This connection to the natural world in downtown Manhattan is worthy of celebration. Our design of the extensive storefront seeks to emphasize this connection, with the main marble entry threshold shifting off the Mall’s grid to angle toward the river views and natural light. The key to designing this particular location was to carefully utilize the mall’s attributes while also providing creative solutions to their constraints to reinforce that Clean Market is different. This is not a retail-as-usual environment.

The angled storefront required special permission from Brookfield Place and we worked closely with them on another unique feature of the storefront. Within the expansive glass is a large scaled stone frame that cantilevers from one end. The frame showcases retail that aligns with the brand pillars and, as it turns into the space, becomes a Functional Tea + Tonic Bar. The hand troweled limestone finish and bread trim bring an elevated but un-fussy feel to the specialized bar.

Once inside, Clean Market is refreshing, bright and optimistic but also lush and unexpected. A corner retail display is punctuated with a green wall that extends to the full 16′ tall ceiling height. The floating displays are tiered and curved creating a soft, meandering path through the curated product.

While a vast, bright space is perfect for the tonic bar and modern apothecary, it’s in natural opposition to the desired feel for the Nutridrip Lounge. The lounge where IV vitamin drips are administered wants to feel private, quiet, and was required by the mall to be hidden from public view. While we wanted to ensure natural light was maximized by positioning the lounge at the storefront, privacy was created with a custom frosted graphic that fades into clear glass above eye level so that there is only a faint suggestion of activity that can be imagined from the mall side. A custom slatted maple wall turns overhead. The wood pickets are reminiscent of a treehouse and create a separate sense of place from the retail just a few feet away. A curved wood and plaster planter and lattice creates a living, breathing, partition giving the space a private, secret garden feel. Within the lounge, clients sit in womb chairs and the IV drip bags hang from our custom designed drip ‘trees’ made of powder coated steel and oak. Beyond the wood wall is a hidden nurse’s station and VIP rooms for those in need of an even more private experience.

From the retail market, near the wood ceiling that defines the Nutridrip Lounge is a bluestone volume which announces the Thermostat brand. Thru its threshold, two neon signs boldly present its offer to “sweat” or “chill.” The Thermostat lounge allows a quick respite in between, should you choose both. Behind “chill” is a service that delivers on that promise in short order with a full-body cryotherapy chamber. On the opposite end, you can “sweat” it out in one of several private infrared sauna rooms. Each room has a red cedar sauna with chromotherapy that shines from within a deep grey room, a stacked bluestone wall with light cascading down from a cove above creates a modern cave feel.

Before even entering the space, Clean Market distinguishes itself with its custom tailored storefront design. Once you pass thru its threshold Clean Market retail, the Nutridrip lounge and Thermostat each project a clearly defined, yet complimentary aesthetic. The design of the space emphasizes the unique features of mall but also brings each customer into a completely unexpected place. The space transports you from the hustle and bustle of the city, into a serene oasis bringing the customer closer to nature and to self.