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When you are looking for handmade light fixtures for your home or business, Niche is a great place to start. This small company in New York is taking blowing glass to a whole new level with their handmade modern light fixtures. Located in the east village, Niche offers over 20 different shapes of blown glass as well as 12 different colors. Their unique style can add the perfect touch to any home or business! Niche takes a simple sketch and turns it into a piece of art.


Get to Know Us!

Edgardo Cadiz

How long have you been with HHA?

Plus/Minus 8 months.

What is your favorite past time?

NY Times Mini Crossword Puzzle, and coffee + donuts.

Do you have any pets?

Currently, no. But I’m a proud dad to a couple of plants. (Do they count as pets if I name them?) Mrs. Meyers (a lemon tree), 2 snake plants, a fiddle leaf, and a bromeliad, amongst others.

What do you wish you knew when you first chose architecture as a profession?

That nap time is not an industry standard.

What is your favorite TV show?

I’m currently watching the Haunting on Hill House on Netflix. A dysfunctional family drama with ghosts & creepy stuff – sign me up. 

What are 3 things on your bucket list?

  1. Start a high-end hand-painted tile company
  2. Visit Patagonia & see the northern lights
  3. Design & own a small bakery in the middle of nowhere. (Nowhere in this scenario is a beach town)

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

“Caderas de fuego” (Hips of fire: A guide to dancing your way out of awkward situations.)

Who is your favorite architect (or one of your favorite spaces by an architect)?

To name a few: Ricardo Bofill, Eduardo Souto de Moura, Emilio Ambasz, and Luis Barrágan. One of my favorite projects is the Walden 7 apt. complex in Barcelona by Bofill.

What type of projects do you enjoy working on?

Retail and hospitality for the most part.

Describe one hardship you’ve had on a project while working at HHA and how you overcame it.

I wouldn’t calling a hardship, but learning about different filing strategies for specific projects has been a challenge; and understanding that it isn’t always a linear process. The best way to rise above the challenge is definitely asking questions and reading, knowledge is out there, in the form of documents or mentors.

There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM!

What better way to enjoy the summer and build team spirit than engaging in a team sport that pits the office against each other? We had our quarterly team building event last week and the activity this time around was Kickball. We fairly split into two teams: RED & BLACK; and got some snazzy new hats to go with our outfits. Needless to say, the competition was fierce and battle plans and office-appropriate threats were exchanged via email throughout the office days prior to the big game.

The day of the game, the weather Gods decided that we were all too talented at Kickball and the game would be too boring in plain sunlight, so they decided to kick it up a notch by angering Thor and introducing thunder, lightning and pouring rain to the mix.

Regardless, it was a good time and we ended the day, sopping wet, at a bar with a nice cold beer in hand.