We Won Awards!

Clean Market Awards:

Clean Market: Winner of the NYC X Design competition Health + Wellness category.

Clean Market: Winner of the 48th Annual International Design Competition.

We are proud to announce that our project, Clean Market was selected as the final winner of the NYC X Design competition in the Health + Wellness category as well as the winner of the 48th Annual International Design Competition!

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Pitkin-Berriman Award

We are also proud to announce that one of our affordable housing units in Brooklyn has won the 2019 Big Apple Brownfield Award!

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Project Spotlight: Clean Market

The project consisted of the development of a new wellness concept prototype environment for Clean Market and the implementation of that concept into a new, New York City flagship location of approximately 3,300 sf. The program included Clean Market’s Vitality Supplement Market and Functional Food + Tonic Bar as well as two complimentary brands: Nutridrip (vitamin IV infusions) and Thermostat (whole body cryotherapy and infrared saunas).

Clean Market is exactly the kind of project we love – a client that is intentionally trying to create something entirely new and unique.  As they are a disruptive wellness destination, the store had to demonstrate that it is not a retail-as-usual environment. The design seeks to visually reinforce the three separate brands working symbiotically to provide a complete approach to effective, clean and technologically advanced wellness.

The key to achieving the project goals was to carefully craft a separate architectural identity for each of the three brands while also weaving together a single, thoughtful client journey through a harmonious, optimistic space. A major architectural move was to present each brand as a uniquely clad, three-dimensional volume within the larger space. The space planning further reinforced this strategy by shifting the volumes off of the expected orthogonal grid.  The resulting site lines also helped achieve another goal of providing immediate visibility for all three brands from the entry.

From the first moment within the store, Clean Market, Nutridrip and Thermostat each project a clearly defined, yet complimentary, aesthetic.

The Vitality Supplement Market greets you with a light, bright and refined aesthetic. The medical-grade supplements are displayed in custom brass and quartz fixtures more like precious jewel cases than drug-store aisles, projecting a highly curated approach to product offerings. A neon sign behind the POS lays out the seven pillars by which Clean Market is organized.

The Functional Food + Tonic Bar, where many retail goods are used in superfood smoothies and power shots, was given a hand-troweled clay limestone finish to reinforce the specialty nature and craft associated with their menu offerings. Biophilic design principles were integrated throughout in details like the light fixtures over café tables which also house hanging plants.

Across from the Tonic Bar, a slatted wood screen provides a semi-private environment for Nutridrip’s IV Drip Lounge. The intravenous vitamin drips are an advanced way to treat imbalances in the body; the brand is founded in functional medicine and infusions are administered by a registered nurse. The maple slats and ceiling feature, an abstract interpretation of sitting under a tree canopy, create a sense of place and a unique way to establish the connection to nature. This is a moment to stop, close your eyes and allow the infusion therapies to do their work in a separate zone from the main retail atmosphere. The ceiling design features cove lighting and layering of painted wood trim and LED uplights which mimic the feeling of a skylight. The private treatment rooms and nurse’s station are also clad in maple, bringing a natural material into a traditionally clinical environment.

Thermostat’s aesthetic was conceived as darker and sleeker. The cryogenic and infrared sauna services require undressing so this zone of the store is intentionally separated and set far away from the more public spaces. Natural materials, recalling the ancient tradition of these techniques, were mixed with more modern details that speak to the technological advancements being used. Upon entering through the stacked bluestone threshold, the Thermostat Lounge creates a transitional space to take a breath and prepare for restorative treatments. Two neon signs invite you to “sweat” or “chill” reinforcing the dual services which, in combination, provide a compounded wellness experience. Each treatment room has a bluestone feature wall washed with LED grazers. The red cedar sauna units provide color therapy via color changing light modes and the custom wood floor mats are laid over polished concrete, a play on natural vs man-made, textured vs smooth.

Clean Market demonstrates that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Each brand contributes to the overall retail and service environment and the interplay between them creates a uniquely dynamic space. The subtle shifts between materials that are natural and man-made speak to the brand promise of clean, whole natural products that promote wellness and advanced technologies that allow the establishment of new rituals to promote better health, mindfulness and energy.

Project Spotlight: BLVD

BLVD at Neiman Marcus Short Hills

The new concept retail experience – BLVD – consisted of reinventing the traditional beauty salon prototype by bringing together a highly curated selection of beauty brands including Pucker (Lash Extensions), Spruce and Bond (Brows and Peels) DREAMDRY (Blow Outs) and Valley (Manicures). BLVD blends the convenience of the multi-brand services with an attention to detail paid to the larger client journey, focusing on Beauty, Luxury, Variety and Design – B.L.V.D.

Breaking the mold of a traditional beauty salon, the unique design challenge was in allowing each brands unique identity to have a recognizable moment in the space, while still allowing the family of brands to complement one another without competing. The spatial environment achieves this by utilizing the boulevard as a neutral-yet-elevated procession throughout the space, one that both connects and displays each brands identity and retail selections.