Project Spotlight: HENRY the Dentist

HENRY the Dentist New Providence is the development of a brick and mortar dental clinic and administrative office for HENRY – an industry disrupting, dynamic, new mobile dentistry concept.  The design goals were to bring the successful spirit and ethos of the previously designed customized RV mobile environment to the new spaces.   The 4,900 sf project included reception, treatment pods, x-ray and lab spaces for the clinic as well as offices, conference rooms and shared, flexible work/social spaces for the executive and administrative staff.   

From the moment a patient enters the clinic reception area, Henry’s core mission is clearly reinforced – this is not your parents’ dentist office and the experience has been improved at every step.  The reception area includes easily accessible stations to get headphones, drinks and snacks, as well as carefully curated retail items.  The treatment areas are larger and expanded versions of the mobile pods – private, individualized, semi-open rooms carefully crafted with patient driven amenities like Netflix and HBO streaming TV’s, noise-cancelling headphones, in-room sinks and convenient spaces for personal belongings and phone charging.  Equal design attention was given to the details on the dental side with state-of-the-art equipment organized to efficiently support great service and treatments.  On the office side, the space was designed to promote creativity and collaboration with glass-fronted private offices, open desking, flexible conference spaces and a larger central “kitchen” and lounge for informal meetings and office-wide gatherings.

We love partnering with a client who is intentionally trying to disrupt an industry and create something entirely new and ownable.  While we were able to successfully achieve this in the unique mobile environment, the challenge was to bring that same feeling of surprise and delight to the more familiar clinic setting.  To achieve this, we replaced the typically bland and boxy treatment rooms with angled and glass partitions and utilized a material palette of warm wood tones and bright, brand colors not usually found in clinical environments.  Overall, the design is carefully calibrated to project both a high level of established professional expertise, as well as the warm, welcoming nature of the brand.  The same general palette is woven through the adjacent office spaces to reinforce the important continuity and connection between the corporate planning and patient facing work of the company.


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